How I Feel About The Quarantine

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Never did I think I would be returning to my blog this way. I’ve only been quarantined a week and it’s been really tough. This outbreak has been something out of a movie (my friend and I watched the movie “Outbreak” and this predicament is exactly like that). We’ve even had a tough time trying to purchase basic essentials like toilet paper! Who knew that a public health crisis would occur and the first thing people would buy is toilet paper! I heard, though, that panic buying is a psychological thing people tend to do in a crisis because it gives them a sense of control.


Our world, today, has lost this so-called control ever since this outbreak began and we seem desperate to want it back. It’s not only been difficult in knowing that everyone is being affected by this pandemic either financially, emotionally or physically, but also whether we want to admit it or not, we are worried for our families well-being along with our own. In my own life I’ve lost a sense of control as well. I’ve had to change all of my plans as of late (its crazy to think how quickly life can be turned upside down in an instant). My internship was suspended until further notice, my trip to Los Angeles was cancelled, I might have to celebrate my birthday in quarantine, my graduation will inevitably be postponed as well as my brother’s wedding.

we did not lose, but rather we gained…….time, hope, forgiveness, acceptance, love.

This sudden change of events has really put a damper on what began as a great year. I’ve had to stay at home and just wait it out…like the rest of the world. I’ve been trying to keep busy by studying, watching movies (on Netflix Party), doing breathing exercises and meditation, I managed to clean my closet (which I’m selling a lot of my clothes on my DEPOP), I even made a Tik Tok (lol), but above all I’ve had to practice detachment.

tough times create tougher people

I’ve come to the realization that we feel like we have control, but we actually don’t. There’s something so human about being thrown into the midst of the unknown. Even though, I’ve seen a lot of heartache I’ve also seen so many beautiful moments. Like in Italy the singing that rang through the streets during their lockdown, or people assisting the elderly with getting their groceries or for me its just catching up with friends and loved ones or just sitting still for a minute to catch my breath. Realizing that everything I once took for granted, like my freedom, can be snatched from me so quickly. So let this thing that we are going through worldwide sit with you for a moment and take in all the possibilities of tomorrow, but know that it will never be a guarantee.


Tristen Zaryn

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