Here’s What Fashion Girls Bring On Their Getaways

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I knowww, fall has begun so chances are temperatures are cooling down, school has started and work has gotten even more stressful. I just got back from my pre-fall getaway so I’m feeling refreshed. If you’re itching, though, to take some time out to relax, destress and explore other corners of the globe, here’s what fashion girls bring with them and what you should consider bringing with you too.

Floppy Hat

Of course you can’t be soaking up the sun without protecting the tender skin on your face. We don’t want fine lines and we definitely don’t want to be pre-disposed to any kind of sun damage. Grab one of these wide brimmed hats to keep you looking cool and fresh.

Shopper Bag

Of course, you can’t forget you’re shopper bag! You need somewhere to put your smartphone, sunscreen, towel, book and all the essentials needed to have an amazing day at the beach.


Tristen Zaryn

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