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I guess you can kind of say that turning twenty-five is a big deal. I’ve lived a quarter of a century! Wow! I’ve made possibly 25,000 mistakes, received twice that amount in blessings and learned countless more lessons. I’m growing, I’m changing, I’m evolving, I’m learning about myself more and more every single day.

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When you are the age you are, of course, that’s the oldest you’ve ever been. You’ve only experienced life that has past and you have no idea what the future holds. But at 25, I know that I have so much more life to live (God-willing), so many more mistakes to make, more challenges to overcome and blessings to manifest. I’m excited to grow alongside my loyal blog readers and continue to produce the best content for you all.

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My hope is that 25 brings so much more love and laughter into my life as well as to those around me. I truly hope that I conquer all my fears and kill my goals. I can guarantee that 25 will be a good one for me!

Wish me luck.


Tristen Zaryn

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  1. Mars says:

    Happy birthday! Love these pics with the flowers.

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