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Hi friends….

I’m in such a rut. Every so often lack of inspiration hits me like a truck and I have no clue what to write about. I thought it was important that I do share with you that I’m actually not perfect (as much as I want to be) and that I, too, sometimes feel uninspired and lack drive. The mundane and normal moments in life can be hard sometimes because there is nothing really moving you, you feel stuck almost.

I get inspiration from feelings, things around me, movement, people, fashion but nothing has caught my attention this week or made me excited to want to write about it.

I hope I gain some sort of inspiration after my upcoming shoot because I do feel a little bit of disappointment in myself. I know, though, that it’s extremely hard to be creative & motivated 100% of the time especially in a world where you feel pressure to have something to say all the time.

I want to give you all some sort of graceful insight of style or life advice but nothing is really tugging at my heart at the moment.

Thank you for understanding. Enjoy these spring photos in the meantime. Also be sure to check out my latest VIDEO.

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