How To Take Casual Style To The Next Level

I love a good “casual” fit, but there really is no in between for me. I either dress like a bum with a good pair of sweatpants paired with fleece OR like I’m going to be on the cover of Vogue, honestly that’s just me. Your casual can be anything you want it to be; I choose to take the next level, if you want to know how keep scrolling.

Put on your best heels

Heels will always dress on outfit up, if I’m really dressing to impress I will pull out my flashiest. Here are some of my recent favorites.

Play with print

Print can really elevate a style, and make an outfit pop. For me, cheetah print can class up any look and make it editorial-worthy.

Accessorize like a star

I never feel complete if I don’t accessorize. Whether I go for a crossbody bag or mega hoop earrings I can’t leave the house feeling naked.



Tristen Zaryn

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