The Coat You Need This Winter

I don’t know if you’re feeling a major chill, but I am. I live in the big city and the temperature right now is ‘hella cold degrees’ meaning it’s pretty much below freezing. As you scroll down, please ignore the fact that in majority of these photos I’m not wearing a coat & while you wonder why I’m acting a fool in thirty degree weather please shop my favorite coats as not to follow in my dumb footsteps.



Of course, your girl had to do it for the ‘gram and show off her WHOLE look; I do not and I, repeat, I do not recommend doing any such thing unless you want to catch a good case of pneumonia.

Please enjoy the hypothermic tastings of Tristen Zaryn and shop the IT coat of the winter. This gorgeous faux fur tan & black stunner right here.


While you’re here, make sure to check out how to get over the post holiday blues.


Tristen Zaryn

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