Memorial Day Weekend: Ruffles + Stripes

With Memorial Day right around the corner, everyone must be planning to have a luxurious long weekend, I know I am. Whether for you that means jet setting to an island, going to see family, doing some well deserved pampering or just Netflix and chilling in your bed enjoy it to the fullest!

If you are short on outfit ideas, here is one for a nice day out on the town. I think ruffles encapsulates all things girly. It adds some drama to an otherwise plain outfit.

Stripes always remind me of the sea. Does it not? It’s reminiscent of the days when I traveled to my favorite island: Bermuda. I have never really been into  ‘nautical’ style, but I have to admit the details on these shorts are pristine and the bow adds a classy touch.



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Tristen Zaryn

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