Coconut Oil: 7 Beauty Benefits of Using The Ultimate Superfood

When I decided to embark on a very personal, but widely supported journey of growing my hair out 2 years ago I had no idea one of my staunch companions would be coconut oil.

If you know me well, you know coconut oil has become one of my obsessions and for good reason. I drink coconut milk every night in order to retain hydrated, youthful looking skin in the morning and put the oil in my hair at nights to seal in moisture. For me, this meme rings completely true, if you’ve got a problem coconut oil will most likely solve it for you:

I live for this incredible oil because it can do pretty much everything.

  1. Because of it’s anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, I like to drink 1 tbsp when I’m sick.
  2. I  add it to my smoothies or green tea in order to get a boost of energy.
  3. It makes the perfect moisturizer. I’ve struggled in the past with psoriasis, so using coconut oil which contains fatty acids and antioxidants help keep any skin disorders and acne at bay.

  4.      It makes for a fabulous cooking oil because it has healthy fats, which essentially helps with weight loss.

5.    So, I don’t know of any girl with curly or kinky hair that doesn’t use coconut oil. It’s amazing for retaining moisture, which in effect helps your hair grow long and strong.

6.  I also use it as a shaving cream. It’s a natural lubricant so shaving is a breeze and it leaves my skin feeling moisturized.

7.   Coconut oil is also amazing for your teeth. It’s great for oil pulling which can eliminate bacteria in your mouth, freshen your breath, whiten your teeth and cleanse your insides. Swish 1  tbsp of coconut oil for 10-20 minutes and rinse with salt water, then brush your teeth as normal.

All in all, coconut oil is an incredible substance that everyone should try. From helping to prevent cancer to stimulating memory and helping our skin glow from the inside out, it’s truly a miracle in a bottle.

Comment below if you use coconut oil and what you use it for! I would love to know.

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Love always,

Tristen Zaryn

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