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How To Dress Like A Cool Girl For Fall

What’s up fall? The weather has been cooling down quite significantly and honestly I’m not mad at it. I love a good switch up when it comes to my wardrobe.…

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Whitening Sensitive Teeth At Home

I had the privilege of being contacted by Smile Brilliant a few months ago. Smile Brilliant is a teeth-whitening system giving anyone willing to try it the confidence of a…

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Jane’s Carousel

I’ve been living in Brooklyn almost 2 years now and I never visited Dumbo until a few months ago! There are so many different parts of NY that have their…

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The 50 Best Purses Under $200

A good purse is like a best friend: reliable, always there for you and looks best right next to you. Finding a good purse can be a task, honestly it’s…

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Here’s How You Can Be More Productive

I’ve been slacking, I will admit.  It’s hard to stay motivated 24/7; I’m a person that loves to be busy, constantly doing things and always be on the move. That…

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