How To Wear The Pajama Trend

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At first I have to admit I wasn’t exactly jumping at the chance to hop on this trend or showcase for you all how I would dress it. The pajama trend wasn’t exactly on the top of my list for street style trends, but after turning some heads in this adorable two-piece satin slip dress and top, my mind was quickly changed…

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This trend is oddly convenient. Going to the supermarket? Throw on classy pajamas. Going to the mall? Throw on classy pajamas. Going to bae’s house? Throw on classy pajamas. Going to an event? Throw on classy pajamas. Taking a nap? Throw on classy pajamas. Wanna grab some tacos? Do yourself a solid and throw on some classy pajamas. You get the gist. The pajama trend is there for you when you’re in a bind and really have nothing to wear. It’s comfy but makes a simple and yet elevated mark on your wardrobe.

Not For The Faint-Hearted

You have to be selective about what you consider to be apart of this extremely exclusive trend. No, you can’t wear a cotton onesie with pockets and think that you’re pulling off a look fit for the runway. Not every dress can pass as glam “pajamas”. Most need to have a satin material, be well fitted and be convenient enough to grab, put on and go out the door within minutes. Of course, adding heels can really make this PJ trend a little more “polished”. The key is making sure you look as “awake” as possible without trying too hard.

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