How To Wear The Western Trend

Now, I’m not saying I’m a full blown cowgirl but I’m trying real hard. I’m more of a chick with Caribbean roots that happens to know how to put together a look that screams Western chic. I know this isn’t most Western look but I wanted to put my own spin on it.

I’ve integrated that Western vibe into my look this week by playing up these white faux leather cowboy boots and denim. If you want to go full on Western, look into adding a fringe vest like THIS ONE & a cool HAT. Let it be what you want it to.

My Go-To Pieces:

Start with highlighting denim: If you want a look worthy of the Wild Wild West, go for distressed, textured or fringe. I also like to accentuate the look with a bold tan embossed crossbody saddle bag.


And of course, we can’t have a complete Western look without some cool cowboy boots. Here are some that will have you screaming ‘giiiidy up’.

Cowboy Boots I Love:


Tristen Zaryn

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