Finding Acceptance

Acceptance can be a hard pill to swallow.

Accepting that dreams fall apart, plans get derailed, people aren’t always who they say they are, and that life never goes as planned are all extremely hard to face. It’s something that takes practice, patience, a willing heart, a fearless mind and an understanding that greater things are to come. I’ve not always been good at accepting things that won’t work in my favor. I like to have control of the things that happen to me. Sometimes, though, control is the furthest thing from our grasp and running to grab onto it will only make us overwhelmingly tired.

For the longest time, I expected to be accepted in relationships and in friendships; my choices were to be completely understood and never questioned, just easily accepted. What I’ve learned is expectations actually lead to disappointments. When expectations can’t be met, feelings tend to get hurt. And unfortunately you can’t make everyone happy so you just end of losing yourself in the process.

It becomes a marathon where running from the parts of yourself you think are so deeply ‘flawed’ becomes the goal rather than just taking a break and accepting them, healing from them and moving forward.


We tend to look for acceptance and validation that what we do is good enough and that who we are, our quirks, values and all isn’t lost on the world and isn’t lost on the people we care most about. People will walk in and out of our lives, something that I’ve always had trouble accepting. It takes so much out of us to trust our own judgement, trust others, trust ourselves and just trust our stories.

 To be told that you’re too opinionated, too bold, too smart, too religious, too driven, too intense; you need to dress or act differently in order to attract certain kinds of people into your life, you need to be something that you’re not can be paralyzing. It begins to make you question your soul, the very part of you that is worthy of love and true, unconditional acceptance.

We need people who don’t ask us to become different for their own acceptance and terms of approval. We need people and to be the people who give others the permission to sit in their own skins and not be afraid. That’s the best gift you are ever going to give someone– the permission to feel safe in their own skin. To feel worthy. To feel like they are enough.


I’ve found that I can only truly find acceptance within myself. Acceptance is more-so about finding beauty in the broken road and the path less traveled; not trying to solve a problem but rather accepting that it can never be solved. Also, understanding that we are not puzzles to be fixed or decoded. I am me, I am infinite love and more than what meets the eye. We all are and if we can find acceptance we can choose love over fear, we can live joyfully, we can find our peace & healing.

Stop asking yourself if anything you do will be good enough and worthy of acceptance because the answer will always be yes. Accept that your biggest dreams are still waiting to come true,  your happiest days lie ahead, and your biggest triumphs will BE because you pushed through the greatest pain. As long as you do right BY yourself, you live in YOUR truth and every action is with the utmost positive intention, it should never be questioned.


Tristen Zaryn

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