What To Wear to A Summer Wedding

Ahhh love is in the air.

No, I’m NOT talking about how much I adore this dress, even though it is a stunner! I’m talking about the fact that it’s summer wedding season and if you’re confused about what to wear I got you covered.

Not only are these options affordable and practical, but also so eye-catching that people will begin to think you’re the bride.

The story behind this dress:

This is actually an ASOS Original Midi Sundress that I purchased for my trip to France. I would have loved to stroll the streets of Paris in this scarf printed dress, but I realized that might be a little extra, even for me.

So, instead I’m thinking this will be my outfit if I ever get invited to a wedding.

I thought to pair this dress with some brightly colored floral wedges. I love a good floral on floral situation.


Weddings can be tricky to dress for as a guest. I suggest striking a balance between formal and casual. Also, make sure to find out the official dress code for the event.



Tristen Zaryn

2 responses to “What To Wear to A Summer Wedding”

  1. Ash says:

    You look incredible in this dress. You are really pretty and I love the colours. x x x

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