Here’s How You Can Be More Productive

I’ve been slacking, I will admit. 

It’s hard to stay motivated 24/7; I’m a person that loves to be busy, constantly doing things and always be on the move. That way of life can be extremely tiring, anxiety-inducing and even frustrating at times.

I’m slowly learning how to stay on track, become more productive and smash my goals and I would love to share them with you!

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“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome”

Before anything can be achieved, we must set some goals. Goals should process related rather than outcome oriented. These goals should be achievable, routine objectives that can be accomplished everyday. For example, one of my recent goals is to read one piece of writing everyday that inspires me, whether it’s an article, one of my favorite blogger’s recent posts or a quote from Pinterest I need to take in daily inspiration that will help me stay motivated and on task.

Remember, reaching our goals can be a very delicate situation and directly impact our self-esteem so make sure you start small, then gradually go big. 


Prioritizing is extremely important when it comes to staying productive. Figuring out what your priorities are can either make you extremely productive in what you want to be productive in or it can make you fall behind.

Figuring out if listening to a helpful podcast or reading that self-help book rather than watching another episode of your favorite show is more important can really make or break your productivity, so choose wisely.


Planning is extremely imperative when it comes to becoming more productive. Once we have our priorities straight, we have to go ahead and plan out what our days will look like. Setting a routine and becoming consistent with it also helps build good habits and get you on the road to conquering your goals.

Go ahead and set aside time everyday or every other day to be productive in the one thing that you have been putting off. The longer you put it off, the harder it becomes to complete.

Additionally, utilizing a planner or using the calendar and to-do lists in my phone help me see what my day will look like and help me use my time wisely.


Constantly being in the midst of keeping busy, staying focused and achieving our goals can make even the best of us burn out.

Definitely learn to take breaks and schedule some time for yourself throughout the day to unwind. It’s great to work hard, but not giving yourself some time to enjoy things that you love can lead to creative blocks and lack of productivity.


Tristen Zaryn

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    You look so good in this outfit. I like how you glammed it up with the heels too. You have such a pretty smile! 😉 x x x

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