Get Rid of Hormonal Acne with Dr. Dennis Gross Acne Eliminating Pads


GIVE ME A BREAK. I mean seriously, I’m over this acne thing and if you are too, raise your hand.

I’m 24 already so my hormones are constantly fluctuating, my face hasn’t really experienced a hard breakout session in a minute so I was shocked when I had an overflow of pimples along my cheek and jaw, a painful cystic pimple on my forehead and chin as well as tiny whiteheads peeking their way through.
Within the week, I grabbed my credit card and made my way to Sephora, I needed something that would do triple duty: get rid of existing pimples, prevent future ones and heal my acne scarring.

I found the perfect product. As I was skimming through the skincare-lined aisles I stumbled on the acne eliminating pads by Dr. Dennis Gross. I have used the Alpha Beta Daily Extra Strength peel (from Dr. Dennis Gross) before, but I was searching for something a little bit more affordable.


And boy am I satisfied! These little pads are like magic in a bottle. They burn like hell the first three or four uses, but once your skin becomes acclimated, its smooth sailing from there.
Check out what I had to say about them in this video:


Tristen Zaryn

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