Exploring Geneva

Geneva! You. Are. Amazing.

I spent 3 and 1/2 days in the spectacular European city of Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva is relatively smaller than some other large cities but it has endless charm & history.

We spent some time in the historic old town which is lined with cobble streets & old architecture. Geneva is so easy to navigate, we found ourselves going from place to place pretty easily. St. Pierre Cathedral is a main attraction in the heart of old town, holding a brilliant view of the city.

We also enjoyed our time in the Geneva’s shopping district home to shops like Nike, Longchamp, Burberry & Bershka.

Of course, we couldn’t leave without having a taste of Swiss chocolate & the amazing cakes of Martel Chocolatier.

It’s an absolute must-see dessert place in Geneva.

Make sure to take your time & take in the sights. Of course, the water jet & Lake Geneva are top priorities when visiting the illustrious city.

Places to eat:     

  • Molino’s

  • Parfums de Beyrouth

  • Indian Plaza

  • Fifty-Fifty

  • Holy Cow

  • Martel Chocolatier


Things to do:

St. Pierre Cathedral

Historic Old Town

Lake Geneva

Paragliding with Paradelta

Hike on Saleve Mountain

Geneva Shopping District at Cornavin

Du Rhone Chocolatier Chocolate Making Course



Tristen Zaryn

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