Today marks 24 years of blessings.

Everyday that goes by I don’t really think in depth about life. It can be hard to truly understand the fragility of life itself, how time just passes by without us really getting a glimpse of it or even the mere fact of how grateful I am to have experienced so much in so little time.

That gratitude goes without saying, but I want to express today: a day that marks the beginning of 365 days to a new beginning in my own life how thankful I am to have lived a fortunate life that has had its ups and downs but ultimately just made me who I am today.

I hope to smash all of my goals going into my 24th year, travel to more places, meet more people & work towards my aspirations. I’m excited to create more, live more, love more, laugh more, be more and give more.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes.

Much love,

Tristen Zaryn

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