How To Fill In Your Eyebrows Like A Pro

In a world full of microblading, eyebrow tints, threading eyebrows have become the latest craze. There are now technicians you can find who specialize in eyebrows, which can make a huge difference in you face.

I have battled with my eyebrows since I became a teenager. I had unruly, fluffy brows since I was a baby and when I hit puberty I thought they looked childish and unpolished. I started to tweeze them and sometimes too thin making my face look a bit uneven.

As I got older, I learned how to tweeze them appropriately just to give a slight arch. When I reached my college years, threading became a recent obsession for many and I fell trap. At first, I loved the look and the precise shape it gave my eyebrows until I started to go too often and completely thinned them out. Fast forward two years and I completely stopped tweezing and threading my eyebrows altogether and pretty much grew them back into their early fluffy, unruly form which is just how I like it.

To keep them groomed I like to use some of these products.


Also, check out this video to see how I incorporate them:


Tristen Zaryn

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