Velvet 70’s Vibes

Fall has officially arrived, folks and I’m here for it. Not only does it mean pumpkin-spice everything, but cooler weather and a gorgeous change in the color of leaves. That’s why I’m hitting you with the rusty velvet this week, the change in weather usually signifies a change in the fabrics of my wardrobe (i’m talking about this stunning find, of course).

I paired this gorgeous velvet two-piece set from Nasty Gal with a gold body chain, gold chandelier earrings and a touch of silver in my aviator glasses.

I also love a good bellbottom, they give off a vintage 70’s vibe that would make my mom proud. I’m a contented 90’s baby, but I would have loved to live through the 70’s just for the fashion. The afros, overalls, high-knee socks with mini skirts and bright colors are so iconic to that time period and frankly, are all my cup of tea.

Go ahead and shop some of my velvet two-piece and some of my other favorite velvet looks this season down below.


In other news, this world has become kind of terrifying place as of late. Waking up to shootings, natural disasters and terrorist attacks is definitely not ideal. Hopefully, though, from these tragedies we can learn and grow as a society, build one another up and learn to live in peace. Of course, this will take time and a united effort from every single one of us to find in our hearts: a compassion, respect and concern for every single soul on this planet whether they have the same skin color or religious beliefs as us or not.

Please feel free to leave comments below or on any social media of what kind of content you would love to see more from me.

I love doing shoppable outfit posts, makeup and skincare/hair tutorials and reviews but I am up for a challenge.


Tristen Zaryn

4 responses to “Velvet 70’s Vibes”

  1. Priyanka says:

    You are rocking this outfit girl! Love the color, velvet and the 70s vibe!!


  2. Saba says:

    Oh my god, I am obsessed with your outfit! Definitely going to be checking out your blog more.

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