The Future Is Female

We live in a world that thrives off of competition, finding the next best thing and pitting females against each other. Competition, in many ways, is a great way to push people into becoming the best version of themselves.

But what happens when that competitive spirit lurks into the dark world of comparisons and perfectionism?

We begin to compare our looks, our intelligence, our style, our body shapes, our achievements with the next girl. How does mine compare to hers? “I need to be better than her” I need to look better than her” “I need to be smarter” Let me tell you: No, you don’t, because you are NOT her and never will be. You have your own unique set of features, quirks, skills and beautiful flaws.

 “Flowers don’t compare themselves to other flowers, they just bloom.”

Understand that you have your own set path, you have your own timeline and your journey is ONLY yours.

You are beauty personified, so no need to compete with the girl next to you. EMPOWERED women EMPOWER women. 



Tristen Zaryn

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