Summer In The City


Ahh summer in the city: what a beautiful sight to see. The blooming flowers, the abundance of food trucks and people everywhere you look. Young, old and in between enjoying the season that brings hot weather, humidity, but most of all happiness. I love people watching especially in the summer. Am I the only one?

It may sound weird, but looking endlessly to find a seat in the park and just checking out the street style is a fun pastime in NYC. You never really know what you’re going to see next. Well, that’s New York for you.

This look was inspired by the unpredictability of the summer season. Even though, burning up outdoors can be annoying we still endure that to see all the thrills that summer has to offer. The colors, textures and making sure the fabric keeps me cool are all things that I look for in my summer clothing. This ruffled backless top from H&M is definitely going to be a staple in my summer wardrobe. Not only is it beyond feminine, but it also reminds me to keep cool and have fun while summer is around.

I hope you enjoy! Shop more looks below. Video on my new hairstyle coming soon!


Tristen Zaryn

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