Linger Fashion Underwear Review

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Hey lovelies! I was sent underwear (the three shown above) from a new company called Linger Fashion. They provide cute, yet eco-friendly options for your undies. I must say when I slipped myself into one of these I felt like I had just put on a cloud. The underwear, which is made completely of BAMBOO, is very light but soft, comforting and hypoallergenic. I didn’t even notice that I was wearing underwear throughout the days that I had them on. Here are some pros and cons for you all to think about before you purchase one of their drawers:

Extremely soft
Fabric is not irritating
Wide range of sizes
Great Customer Service

Not versatile
Fabric is fragile
Limited options
Small company

When I think of what I want in my underwear these are definitely the things that I think about. I definitely want my undergarments to be comfortable to wear, but also match my personality. I love sassy designs and a large array of options to choose from. What I found I loved most about Linger’s underwear was how comfortable and soft the fabric felt to wear. Truly, this was the softest underwear I HAVE ever worn. The fabric is slightly fragile, though, because of it being thin. Linger does offer a wide array of sizes, but unfortunately at this time they are a slightly limited in their designs and options. When comparing them to a luxury, well-known brand like Victoria’s Secret, they are more affordable allowing for easier
access and just as comfortable or even more so than VS. The biggest drawback I feel is that the Linger Fashion company is not well-known as yet. I definitely think we need more companies like Linger who care about the world we live in and offer eco-friendly alternatives to things that we wear.

Overall, I would give this company 4.5 stars  (out of 5). I hope that they keep on improving their products and begin to offer a wider array of underwear selections. I can’t wait to see Linger grow and continue providing the world with gentle, nature friendly underwear.

To check out their site or make any purchases:

Click HERE for Linger Fashion’s Facebook Page.

Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion.
*All photos by Tristen Zaryn



Tristen Zaryn

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