Exploring Hilton Head Island

Hi everyone! I just returned from a mini trip to South Carolina where I visited my alma mater, Clemson University,

for a very good friend/ old teammate’s graduation and graduation party. We celebrated her joining the alumni club with a nice lunch at Tokyo, Clemson’s finest Japanese restaurant, then with an amazing dinner party with her entire family and some friends at the Lighthouse restaurant in Seneca completed with a night out in downtown Clemson.

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A few days later, we headed to Hilton Head Island where my friend resided for some time before she came to Clemson. We hung out, explored, went to the beach, explored some more and of course, had great food. Check out my photos below for more info!

The first thing anyone thinks about when they hear the word “island” is the beach and I must say, the beach is fabulous in Hilton Head. With any fabulous beach, though, comes A LOT of people. Every time my friend and I went to the beach, there were hoards and hoards of people but I managed to get some photos when people weren’t really around. It’s very windy at the beach in Hilton Head and the sand can be very soggy when the tide has gone down, but that doesn’t stop the masses from participating in beach going activities during this time of the year (it didn’t stop us either).

Near the beach is also Coligny Plaza, where you find the cutest huts and shops that sell anything from friendship bracelets to spray painted bags and hats. There was also a really cool shop called Black Market Minerals that sold gemstone jewelry, minerals and stones. They had dainty necklaces, large mineral masterpieces, rose quartz balls and massive neon dreamcatchers. One of the dopest stores I’ve ever been inside.

Black Market Minerals


Being on an island, the seafood is BOMB.com. If you are in town, I would highly suggest Big Bamboo, Steamer’s Seafood and the ever-popular Sea Shack.



I tried the Big Bamboo for the first time in Hilton Head, since it’s my friend’s favorite restaurant on the island and it was AWESOME. We, all, shared some good ole’ Bert’s Big Bad nachos and Carolina Fireballs that had all of my favorite things inside: crab, shrimp, jalapeños and cheese! YUM.

I, then, went in for the kill with an incredibly delicious Carolina Fire Burger that had crab + shrimp and spicy tartar sauce.


When my friend and I weren’t eating (which was rare), we were lounging in her pool or at the Sonesta Beach resort. I also took some time to ride around Shipyard and enjoy the sights.


On my final night in paradise, my friend’s family cooked a seafood feast (MY FAVORITE) including grilled tuna steak, lobster, shrimp, lobster and crab cakes. They also made some delicious bruschetta with peppers and eggplant.



My little South Carolina adventure was fun and I would like to send a big thanks to the Pederzani family for having me and feeding me seafood to my heart’s content! To see my blog post about my travels to London, click here. For more posts, don’t forget to subscribe!

* All photos by Tristen Zaryn


Tristen Zaryn

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