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Rebecca Minkoff Anytime Tote


Happy Memorial Day everyone! It’s officially travel season and recently, I have been getting a few questions about what I carry around when I travel during the summer.  That question can be a little difficult to answer because I bring a lot of stuff with me. I am currently in England and will be here for close to 6 or 7 weeks, so I need to be prepared for anything life throws at me! Plus, I am a bit of an over packer, but I have been learning to calm that down in recent years. Anyways, enough chit chat and lets get into my bag (Rebecca Minkoff Anytime tote):

Society6 Laptop Case

1. Laptop

This is one of my essentials and I pretty much take my laptop wherever I go. Pictured above is my laptop case that I got on Society6. In regards to other technology that I bring with me, my Sony a5000 mirrorless camera and my iPhone 6 pretty much go wherever I do.

Pretty much all I carry in my bag

2. #Girlboss

I have always enjoyed a good book. Once summer comes around, I love reading for pleasure and my book of choice for the next month is #Girlboss. This book centers around Sophia Amoruso and her rise to fashion fame with her shop Nasty Gal, which happens to be one of my favorite online stores.


When I am not reading a book, magazines are the next best thing. I hope to one day work in the editorial business, so you will always catch me with a fashion magazine. My favorites are ESSENCE, Cosmo, Glamour, and Vogue.

4. Wallet

To hold all of my cards, receipts that I don’t need and my extra cash, I have an older pink tie dye Juicy Couture studded wallet.

5. Sunnies

To spice up my excursions I like to carry around sunglasses. I change my sunglasses minimally, though. I either use my green-blue Raybans or black sunnies I got at Target.

6. Passport
You can’t go anywhere without your lovely passport! I carry that sucker around anytime I travel overseas.

7. Baha’í Holy Writings

Some of you may or may not know that I’m a Baha’í. Baha’ís are obligated to pray three times a day. So when I travel, I like to bring along my prayer book/holy writings.

8. Eyeshadow palettes

I own multiple eyeshadow palettes, but I like to take a few with me on my trips. I always carry them in my carry on bag just because I don’t want them to break. The ones I brought with me on this trip are my Naked 2 and Lorac Gold eyeshadow palettes.

9. Battery Charger

This is probably the most important thing in my bag. I just received an iPhone battery charger as a gift for winning an award, which I use constantly. It’s a Zoom Energy and it provides another full round of battery life for my precious iPhone.

10. Toiletries

In the gold makeup bag, shown above, I hold a few skin necessities. I bring hand sanitizer, Airborne tablets, facial cleanser, baby lips lip balm, a mirror, mascara, eye liner, hand cream, facial cream, hair ties and roller perfume. These are great things to have in order to cover any tiny emergencies that I may have in flight.

Thanks for reading! Comment below if you have questions and STAY TUNED for my skin hydration essentials post 🙂

All photos by Tristen Zaryn


Tristen Zaryn

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