Clem Fatale


Following being inducted into the Academic Hall of Fame. Outfit: Lulu’s, Hair: Flexi Rod set, Earrings: Charlotte Russe.
My beautiful teammates
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Ecstatic after winning two Clemmies!
More beautiful teammates!
Following my ACC Postgraduate Banquet. Outfit: ASOS, Hair: Flexi Rod Set
During the ceremony with other student-athletes.


Wow! What a week! I had such a hectic, but enjoyable time getting all dolled up for banquets, giving mini speeches and snapchatting all of it like there’s no tomorrow. I am so blessed and thankful for the amazing opportunities I have been given. I received an Atlantic Coast Conference Postgraduate Scholarship, which has enabled me to further my education at journalism school in Boston this coming fall. I was also inducted into Clemson’s Academic Hall of Fame and received Clemson’s All-Academic Award. I have always dreamed of what winning a Clemmy would be like, but I never thought about the joy I would feel after winning not just one, but two Clemmies! I am extremely proud of myself, but more than ever enthusiastic for the future and I hope this can serve as an inspiration for those who have goals that they want to achieve. Do your best in everything that you do, work hard, dream big and most importantly, love every step of the way.


Tristen Zaryn

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